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As the author of Wowed by Truth, I proclaim truth. And a critical truth is, prejudice must be destroyed. But pay attention, and make no assumptions, or you will miss my point. Prejudice by definition is injury or damage stemming from false or deluded judgements. Yet newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, schools, and universities lie constantly about the issue of prejudice and garble it into a twilight zone of insanity.

Americans cry that American Black men are victims of mass prejudice. So, let’s compare them to another group: mentally handicapped White men. Most Black men can find decent jobs, find wives, have children, have leisure time, and be social butterflies. But most mentally handicapped White men CANNOT find decent jobs, CANNOT find wives, CANNOT have children, and CANNOT have a decent social life. Some cannot have freedom, as they are locked in psychiatric wards so the scammers who run such places can make money.

On top of that, numerous American Black men are successful politicians, rich and famous actors, or rich athletes who are idolized by half the country, while porn peddlers feature movies where a number of Black men simultaneously engage in rough sex with a White woman, on pornographic websites.

As if that wasn’t enough, people dare say that Black men are killed by police en masse because of prejudice. But if that was true then Black men would be the biggest racists, since they kill far more Whites than Whites kill Blacks. And it is illogical anyway, since many White police chiefs hire Black officers. And it is extremely contradictory in light of the other facts just presented.

The only true discrepancy is the wage gap. But Blacks on average have much lower SAT scores, showing lower intelligence. And since the average man does not complain that he does not make as much as doctors with higher intelligence, stop crying. Especially since there are White men with genius level IQs working for minimum wage. If White liberals still insist that Blacks are severely persecuted, despite the contrary facts staring them right in the face, they are welcome to spend their money to send all Blacks back to Africa permanently, so they can escape America.

Adding insult to injustice, some deny that men with mental handicaps such as Asperger’s or autism actually have handicaps, since they do not understand how you can be mentally handicapped while being highly intelligent. So, for a rude awakening, buy the DVD title Ben X (2007) off the Internet. Watch it until something sinks in. As a former Ben X, I say to those who fawn over American Blacks who have no handicaps: sit down and shut up.

As for healthy American women who cry about glass ceilings: you are welcome to relocate to the Middle East. Better yet, move to India. As nobody bothers to provide proper plumbing, sewer lines, or even rubber gloves, a million Indian women spend their entire lives hauling dripping baskets of human feces many miles each day. These women perpetually stink, most develop nasty boils, go blind, or suffer prematurely from the contagion.

They are of the “Untouchable” class. But adding injustice to insult, many deny that an Untouchable class still exists. Those in this predicament might not only want to tell disgruntled American women to sit down and shut up, but they might also want to shut them up by ramming some excrement down their throats. And American Blacks and women: Before thinking about yourselves, think about the 36 million people worldwide who are slaves right now.

And our government’s focus is welcoming every Mexican and South American into the U.S., instead of closing the border, as that is where the vast majority of hard drugs come from, which destroy our citizen’s lives. Besides reproducing like rabbits, often outside of wedlock, other species are harmed, as Mexico is a hotbed of animal cruelty, with bullfighting, cockfighting, dog fighting, and other terrible abuses.

The worst problem with these fake claims of unfair discrimination, or everyday problems magnified because of selfishness or narcissism is that people become so mesmerized with these complaints that true victims of prejudice and unfairness are ignored. Consider that American Blacks created an uproar simply because all twenty academy award nominations for acting went to White people, although all twenty Whites were better actors.

Many in third world countries have never even had the opportunity to watch a movie, let alone be featured in one. That is incredibly shameful, as those rich Blacks could instead donate millions to buy artificial limbs for people in developing nations whose limbs were chopped off or blown off by landmines.

For Christian believers who might deny that my viewpoint is Christian: You are either quite ignorant of Scripture, pick and choose, or twist Scripture to suit yourself. Modern Christian communities have begun to serve the world instead of being a light to it. The Modernist dogma of cultural Marxism, which consists of fake entitlements and imaginary prejudice, stops people from helping those who truly need sympathy and help. Therefore, it is anti-Christian.

So, end this nonsense, and begin to help the deserving. Again, in the United States that is mentally handicapped men (see Ben X), who are forever robbed of love, companionship, a healthy sexual outlet, decent jobs, decent housing, and sometimes freedom. It is people who suffer horrible physical conditions in impoverished regions. It is animals who are tortured and several species of which are annihilated off the planet each year. It is NOT screaming American women, screaming American Blacks, and liberal crackpots who are often predators who would happily flush our country down the toilet.

If you are in a position to help force such people to do the right thing, do that too. So, for religious people who bury their heads in the sand: Aren’t you afraid of God’s wrath? For nonreligious people: consider that society’s agenda is neither scientific nor humanist. This make-believe antihuman brainwashing is devolutionary, pulling us to a worm level. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. So, stop the evil stupidity, wake up, oppose phony agendas, and tackle true prejudice.

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Being an Asp: Asperger’s Mental Condition

Asperger’s syndrome and related autism spectrum disorders have been recently discovered by the public. Those with such conditions are still misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and mistreated by professionals whose help is useless or harmful. My condition was unknown until age forty, when *I diagnosed myself* with Asperger’s. Autism, savant-ism, or a combination of several conditions might be more appropriate diagnoses. Other gigantic differences between myself and others are beyond the scope of this post. As for autism disorders, here are some basic facts:

People are born with these conditions; they never acquire them. Crooks in the psyche fields used to call it mental illness, but at least that lies was mostly dispelled. This awkward Regardless, there is either no possible cure for these conditions, cures whose side effects are too serious, or cures that are too expensive. Asperger’s and related disorders predominantly effect males, often a ten to one ratio Support groups for these conditions are centered in big cities and are often unavailable elsewhere. EVERYONE with Asperger’s has or had serious social problems. As a boy I not only suffered mistreatment and shunning at the hands of my peer group, teachers and other older adults reacted negatively and unfairly to me too. Even my parents didn’t understand me. So, they shut off emotional support and blamed me for things that my condition caused. Therefore, most men with Asperger’s are prevented from ever marrying.

EVERYONE with Asperger’s has a lifetime problem with learning. They can be either slow learners, are required to learn things differently, or are unable to learn certain things, while excelling in other areas. As for me, I lacked short term memory, or had invasive thoughts that made me forget. So, I never remembered verbal directions given in multiple steps. Therefore, most men with Asperger’s have problems finding suitable jobs. Some also have a nervous disorder. We may initially appear normal while others, such as those with Down’s syndrome, do not. However, our apparent normalcy may quickly fall apart. Since people seemingly think we have mental superiority, not disability, they expect superior functioning and social interactions, never saying or doing what they don’t like. This awkward pseudosophistication is seen as arrogance; people have assumed I was purposely offensive.

So, my speaking off-key was excoriated while those with immediately obvious disabilities usually receive sympathy. So, interacting by never mentioning a disability has failed. Rather, being upfront about the situation has helped somewhat. Instead, those with Asperger’s have been dishonest about who had these conditions. Einstein and Edison allegedly had Asperger’s merely because of childhood difficulties; labeling them as such supposedly creates respect. That’s BAD, as now we’re supposed to be Einsteins and Edisons when we CANNOT. Two people who likely had Asperger’s were chess champion Bobby Fischer, and famous artist Andy Warhol. Andy’s silence and feigned ignorance lowered people’s expectations of him; it was primarily effective. However, he offended thousands of people, never married, and was critically wounded in an assassination attempt by a woman, causing his premature death.

Bobby Fischer adopted aggression, which also helped in some ways while hurting in others. Though becoming rich and famous, he was constantly involved in personal conflicts, didn’t marry until sixty, was kicked out of the chess federation, kicked out of the United States, and died prematurely. Besides, maintaining a balance between these two extremes of being withdrawn or bombastic can be as difficult as walking while holding a board with a marble atop, and keeping the marble centered. An excellent movie about someone with Asperger’s is Ben X. Yet lies continue. A man claiming to have Asperger’s authored a book, selling millions of copies. In it he bragged about his early success with careers, hobbies, and women, and exploits involving malicious mischief and cruelty. Instead of Asperger’s, he showed signs of being a *psychopath*.

So, if you ever encounter his book, which cover features a freckle faced boy squeezing his eyes shut, *avoid it like the plague*; don’t waste your money or time. As for Elon Musk’s claim of having Asperger’s, this is a wicked, extremely dishonest attempt to manipulate others through compassion. He is a sociopath: a completely self-serving person with no conscience whatsoever. He has no mental condition of any kind, outside of his sociopathy. And ignore self-serving books written by parents about their Asperger children. Such parents have even interjected themselves into Asperger’s meetings and caused disruption of said meetings by badmouthing others with Asperger’s with the group. Such antagonists should be ejected or refused from every such group, and completely ignored. Instead, people should hear what people like us have to say.

Regardless, I do NOT defend most Asperger people. Most are antisocial and non-supportive. I only defend the approximately 15% of them who are often nice. The other 85% are like rotten society. The difference is that Asperger people have a higher average IQ and are blunter when speaking. Due to problems in regular High School, I escaped it, and entered an alternative program. College was too overwhelming, so I shortly quit. Though intelligent and hard-working, I was only allowed low-paying menial jobs. The work was either extremely tedious, dirty and degrading, such as cleaning up mouse droppings, or dangerous. A company had me shred paper for stuffing boxes, which paper contained used Kleenex, and half eaten food with bugs encircling it. I could not relate to coworkers, who often talked obscenely and purposely blasted smelly farts, while conflicts erupted.

Thankfully I was able to retire early and be financially secure via my parents, use my writing talent, and escape most problems by simple avoidance. Oddly enough, throughout my life people declared that I was highly intelligent yet treated me like I was stupid. And throughout my life people declared that I was nice but treated me like I was mean. So, *to Hell with society*. Since people cannot even get their story straight, guess who needs to go to the funny farm? Actually, society is the funny farm. A woman with Asperger’s coined the term “Aspie”, a nickname now popular for the syndrome. I resent this sissy sounding which cannot be taken seriously. Since this syndrome predominantly effects men, I came up with Asp, which is also a type of cobra. Serpents were often symbols of either power, royalty, spirituality, or wisdom.

Again, I was not purposefully offensive. Rather, I was upset and bewildered as to how to function socially. Though others can avoid social conflicts, people with acute Asperger’s or similar disorders cannot change certain behavior patterns. Many with unwanted conditions offend regularly, by words and/or actions. It cannot be pinpointed, perhaps brain wave conditions or broken sensors fail to differentiate between what is or is not socially proper. We cannot but see things differently. The authoress of a book on Asperger’s understood that we often give offense inadvertently, and so declared that Asperger’s sufferers should apologize whenever that happens, although they feel no need. Yet that is an attempt to burden someone with constantly apologizing for something natural to them, besides their burden of mental disability.

Instead, society should be *extra tolerant*, instead of being *prejudiced piles of poop*. Thinking bad about someone becomes self-fulfilling prophecy. As long as we view intelligent people with mental handicaps or personality quirks as evil geniuses, crazy idiots, or mad scientists, cycles of conflict and rejection perpetuate. In a couple of extreme cases, young men on the autism spectrum murdered people with an assault rifle. But although blowing random people’s brains out is a tragedy, the greater tragedy is the greater waste of brains when society refuses to allow intelligent men to use their talents. If our world continues to shoot down its best and brightest, our world is doomed. Supposedly, autistic savant sisters Flo and Kay Lyman had personalities so unique, that they could only connect with each other. Anyone else could not stand them for long, only for short periods.

Yet if God was as narrow minded and intolerant towards tolerating someone very different for long periods, He would have to *condemn absolutely everyone to rot in Hell*. So, *change your rotten attitude toward those like me*. Some dispute my claim to Asperger’s, so I explain: Throughout my life, apparently nobody suspected I was on the autism spectrum. Like I said, professionals were completely incompetent. Eventually I met two men who claimed to have Asperger’s, and who had similarities to myself. One explained his condition and talked about getting on disability. So, I applied for by self-diagnosing myself with Asperger’s to escape bad job situations. Some professionals went with my suggestion, then tested me and confirmed it. I thereby retired and collect a disability check. I’m well aware that very few diagnosed with Asperger’s ever collect disability.

So, my disability check is also predicated upon my especially social conflicts or a second, third, or fourth unidentified condition. Though labeling children as having Asperger’s originated by 1944, the modern view did not even exist until 1981, and was not a standard diagnosis until the 1980s. And the human brain is the most complicated structure in the universe. I also saw a video titled 22 Asperger’s Signs and Traits in Adults and noted that I had 18 out of 22. I then took the AQ test (Asperger’s/autism spectrum test), and *clearly* tested within the autism spectrum range. There is more evidence for me having the condition than most people who claim to have it. As for my True Forced Loneliness videos, a man said “We Aspers don’t complain about being alone. We complain about too many people around us.” But I wanted solitude as a child. My parents did everything to stop that and force me to socialize with others.

They also pounded into me their value of social connections. So, they forced my change of thinking. I’m also an only child and do hate having people around me if they disturb me with noise. Because of my philosophy, Aspers have called me an idiot, “ignorant like flat-earthers”, a sociopath, compared me to Charles Manson, and cut off dialogue with me. But because I know I have high intelligence, high morals, and did my research, I know that such people are evil, foolish, and ignorant. It baffles me that a group of people with major commonalities with me can be that way. Besides, I’m over fifty. So, if you are a teenager or in your twenties, STOP telling me how to be. Instead, respect your elders. Now I was liberal for much of my life. I spoke against racism, supported Blacks, supported feminism, and trumpeted gay rights while others did not.

My theory was that all marginalized people must stick together to beat unfair discrimination. I was *dead wrong*. That’s because people don’t care about those on the autism spectrum unless they themselves or a close family member has it. And consider that maybe 3% of people are LGBTQ, 30% of people are non-white, and 50% are female. So, they have plenty of their own people to look out for their interests. Yet less than 1% are diagnosed with Asperger’s and on top of that we are all mentally handicapped. And most people who identify as Asps are straight White males, who are the true victims of bigotry in our 21st century. So, we cannot afford to burden ourselves with other people’s issues, especially when they spit on ours. And instead of making snap judgments about me, get to know me by reading numerous posts of mine and seeing numerous videos (K C Sunbeam on Bit-Chute).

And NO, I do NOT want to represent the “ASD community”. Instead, I want to show the ASD community how to escape cowardice, antisocial behavior, and failure to do anything with one’s life. I used to be that way, but I discovered Christianity, old fashioned values, and strong role models. I won’t do any more research on this subject until those on the autism spectrum calm down with their backstabbing, and I can form close personal connections with others who also have an autism spectrum disorder. That’s only fair and logical. And if Asps refuse to group together to show each other love and support, and refuse to aggressively fight for their equal treatment, then it would behoove society to incorporate eugenics and genetic engineering so that nobody else is born with these conditions. Think deeply about what I have written.

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E-Mail to Church “Minister”

Attn. Glenn or whoever else may be concerned:

I’m a former member of your congregation and other Church of Christ congregations for years. Outside of you (who was paid for a job), I was the most knowledgeable in the Christian faith, the most dedicated in attendance, and gave more to your poor pantry than anyone else.

Two distinct points of utmost importance here, so please read carefully: 1) I was born with a disability on the autism spectrum. It leaves one unable to connect socially and other learning problems. Yet such people have high IQs. This caused/causes perpetual lifetime shunning, mistreatment, and disenfranchisement by society. That’s understandable, coming from our fallen world which rejects Christ.

Yet it not only comes from nonbelievers or those who simply “believe in Jesus”. It also comes from your “One True Church that Christ established”, as opposed to misguided denominationalists. For example, since my mother had given Christmas presents in unused garbage bags, I assumed that was kosher. Yet when I donated items in said bags to your pantry, I got a couple reactions from people which seemed like shunning. My suspicions were affirmed by Tony ‘s announcement in his group where he said that people were up in arms over donations being in [clean] garbage bags.

Millions starve to death around the world, are infested with parasites, live in mud pits, and/or are terrorized and enslaved. A million people are exposed to human waste which they must clean up in order to get money to live (India’s Untouchable class). Some homeless would even be thankful for a dirty garbage bag to capture the warmth from a heating grate over which they sleep. But instead of trying to help those people, Church of Christers focused their wrath on me who was helping people yet lacked uppity etiquette and exquisite snobbery.

I told you this, and your response was “That was a long time ago.” Doesn’t matter if it was a thousand years ago if the attitude hasn’t changed. You won’t be able to explain anything away at the Judgment with “That was a long time ago.” God expects people to change their attitude before the Judgment.

In the third congregation of Larry, he affirmed that “People are judging you.” And Larry admitted “We couldn’t hold a candle to the Church of the first century.” Pertaining to a fourth group, I had mailed an older woman a friendly flyer advertising my website, with my e-mail address. She responded by making a police report. The policeman e-mailed me, called me a creep, and threatened to arrest me. Though outside your particular circle, that was still a CHURCH OF CHRIST.

I’m a true Christian who believes in the Prince of Peace. If I wasn’t, I would have dealt with you people in a much different way, which would not involve verbal communication. You people may not have the faintest idea how hurtful and damaging you can be.

Then you have single women choosing to marry non-Christian men more often than not, and your high number of divorced people like the denominations. And most Churches of Christ are worse than the “manmade denominations”, in that you have large face clocks on the back wall, which young people constantly turn around to look at, in annoyed anticipation of getting it over with and going home.

2) Your “Nondenominational One True Lord’s Church Pattern” Claim: Over the last eighteen years I have been studying Church history. I have also studied LOGIC. I discovered that what churchmen from every early century believed and practiced is extremely well-documented. And guess what? Not only are most things consistent throughout every century, but your Church of Christ deviates in belief and/or practice on over a dozen different points. And I’m NOT referring to points of mere cultural difference or expediency.

I’m referring to points where your church deviates that are explicitly stated or implied within Scripture that you would see if your interpretation matched the consistent interpretation of Christians throughout Church history and worldwide. Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Non-Church of Christ who also claim nondenominationalism, Orthodox, Pentecostal, etc. leaders have over a thousand commentaries supporting their doctrines too. And it sounds exactly as if they’re completely right. That is, when you only read their commentaries and hear their preaching while excluding others.

Yes, you have logically concluded that: the Church was founded in Jerusalem on the Pentecost following Christ’s resurrection, initial repentance and ongoing repentance are necessary for salvation (besides ongoing faith), divorce and remarriage for any reason besides adultery is unacceptable, homosexual behavior is unacceptable, water baptism is necessary for salvation, a saved person can definitely lose their salvation, the other four points of Calvinism are heresy too, salvation is in Christ’s Church not out of it, the Kingdom & the Church are one and the same, Holy Spirit baptism was only the miraculous NOT for common believers, everyone’s physical body will indeed be resurrected, musical instruments have no business in the assembly, and convoluted pre-millennial theories are rubbish.

The early Church believed as you do on these points. But by that same logic, they concluded much differently on other points. In fact, you lacked the basic understanding that the Bible is an Eastern book and thus has a circular narrative repeating concurrently throughout. Westerners mistakenly treat it as a Western book with a chronological narrative. This alone seriously effects one’s interpretations.

Just on the off chance that someone might be interested, here is a mere introduction to the topic: A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs; David W. Bercot; editor. For advanced studies there is a tsunami of information by early churchmen, who compare scripture with scripture, who unlike almost every church leader today were completely fluent in the original Greek, lived in a time before the Church had a chance to apostatize, and fully understood that truth is always consistent with all other truth. So, your church is NOT the exclusive Lord’s Church; it IS a denomination. And like other modern denominations, fails morally.

Why address this now? Because I’m in the midst of a series on hypocrites, where I expose their dirty asses for the world to see, which hopefully will benefit the open-minded. I don’t expect to change your closed mind. If you did, you would also benefit by having a better outcome at the Judgment (perhaps the avoidance of screaming in pain). I simply expect to reach others who’ve been in similar situations, to encourage them. However, on the off chance that you would contact me, do NOT contact me for any other reason than saying how YOU plan on making changes.

Autism and Hate

In 1993 “Brandon Teena”, a female to male transgender person, was raped and murdered. In 1998 James Byrd Jr., a Black man, was chained to a pickup truck and dragged off. The friction tore him apart and killed him. That same year Matthew Shepard, a gay man, was kidnapped, tortured, and killed. In 2018 the Original Nightstalker or Golden State Killer, who terrorized and murdered many women, was finally caught. I denounce all these evil actions as inexcusable. The death penalty would be appropriate for the perpetrators.

However, in our 21st century these cases are very rare; they are atypical. And it is highly unlikely that hatred towards certain groups will ever vanish completely, since there are always disgruntled and disturbed people looking to target differences. The goal should be to minimize the mistreatment of various groups, which we have largely done in those cases. And even concerning those with handicaps such as adults with the mental capacity of five-year olds, and those paralyzed in wheelchairs, people get very angry if some refer to such handicapped people as retarded or cripple.

Yet it is open season on those with autism, a condition we are born with, which has no cure. Someone sent me a picture of a man with a handgun to his head and the trigger cocked, with the caption “How to cure autism really fast.” This came from a video, which YouTube approved of, which had over 25,000 views and over 600 thumbs up. Someone did a Google search by typing “autistic people should”. The top three results were: “autistic people should be killed”, autistic people should die”, and “autistic people should be exterminated.” Other groups did not have such top search suggestions. Because such search results no longer come up does not mean that attitudes have changed. Search engines have simply blocked such results, which hides how people truly feel about us.

A case that made national headlines involved a White autistic man who was kidnapped, partially scalped, and threatened with death unless he drank toilet water. The Black perpetrators videotaped it and posted it to Facebook. Analysis by the Office of National Statistics shows that those disability impacts them behaviorally and socially are far more likely to be hate crime victims than any other group. In addition, I must add that there are probably more autistic victims of hate crime than those reported, as some may be labeled by their gender identity, orientation, or race, instead of realizing that their handicap was the chief factor that attracted victimization. I dare say that 99% of people hold some degree of bigotry against autistic people. And most of society is highly bigoted against autistic people.

One example of unfairness is criticism I have gotten for reading from a paper on my videos. If I could do a good job without reading a paper, I would certainly speak directly from my mind. And I authored every paper on every video. And with printed speeches I’m more to the point than most people who do not read notes, and unlike many, I say everything I need to say because of them. Autistic people may be targeted because most are straight white males (from a Communist theory that such people are the oppressors), or because most are very quiet and don’t speak up for themselves. The great majority of autistic men never marry due to complete rejection. And the great majority of autistic men can never find a decent job, even if very intelligent and/or hardworking, since society is not accommodating.

Being unable to support yourself, and without other means of support, may certainly destroy your life. Others with different mental handicaps also face mistreatment. For example, I had a bus driver who had a stroke, causing his speech to be barely recognizable. Years later I read in the paper that he got into a serious car accident. The police had arrived and assumed he was drunk. They refused to let him go for days, so he was unable to get his needed preventative medication. This caused him to have another massive stroke, which left him almost completely incapacitated. In another incident, Chicago police found a mentally handicapped woman wandering around outside. So, they picked her up and dropped her into a crime ridden neighborhood. From there she was coaxed into an apartment building where she was raped.

While fleeing her attackers she fell from a high-rise window, which left almost completely incapacitated with sever and permanent brain damage from the impact. Thankfully in both cases the police departments were sued for lots of money. The reasons we are not accepted is that people misunderstand us, either from mental laziness, stupidity, or being uncaring. And moreover, people despise others who are perceived as very different from themselves. Such attitudes are a greater handicap spiritual-wise, than our mental handicap. So, if all the people who unfairly judge us were exterminated, the world would be a much better place. Fellow handicapped people: we CANNOT be passive. Even being assertive is not enough. We all must be AGGRESSIVE to fight injustice. Most bigotry against handicapped people is emotion-based.

And I have news for you: Your feelings don’t count in this matter. Only objective truth matters. Most bigotry may be subconscious. But that’s still no excuse. What we can do to greatly reduce our own marginalization of handicapped people is to watch videos featuring disfigured people and those whose mental handicaps cause unusual mannerisms and speech patterns. This should result in a dramatic change in perception when meeting such people in person. Admittedly, a certain percentage of handicapped adults are not dating or marriage material, would be unable to adequately hold a decent job regardless, and living with them might be unbearable. But if they are unable to improve themselves, they should get a disability check from the government that is large enough to comfortably live on.

And if there would be too many such people where it would overly burden taxpayers, we would need to introduce and enforce selective breeding and genetic engineering to largely prevent the passing on of undesirable genetic traits. I wish my parents incorporated genetic engineering before my birth. Regardless, if humanity refuses to change, I believe our planet would be better off if it was destroyed by nuclear war. So, Judge NOT according to appearance, but judge righteous judgment (John 7:24). And clean your act up!

Gold Lives Matter

Now I acknowledge that Black lives matter. I also acknowledge that it’s wrong to respond “All lives matter.” For example, if someone calls the fire department to cry that their house is aflame, the response shouldn’t be to say all homes matter. Likewise, the slogan was meant to address a dire situation. Some Black people have been murdered due to bigotry. That must stop. And I hate my country’s history of slavery. I also acknowledge that some police have been murdered due to bigotry. Due to the actions of some bad officers, righteous officers are unfairly targeted. That must stop. Blue lives matter. But which human group in America truly suffers bigotry the most? And is there a color to represent it?

I declare that this group is those with autism and similar mental conditions. Before explaining cases of persecution, I will start with color. From a website by James Sinclair: He said “What color represents autism? While the world of autism was a blank canvas for much of the 20th century, increased autism awareness made us realize we needed colors to fly our flag and grab attention. Many gravitated towards the color blue, due to its connotations with calmness and acceptance. Blue was also chosen as autism was widely considered a male only condition.” I must add that autism is predominantly a male condition, but not always. And almost as many females favor blue as do males. Also, blue is too common and overused, and is already identified with police. So that’s out for me.

James thought red might be good since it has ties to passion and love, qualities autistic people are accused of lacking. But he also noted that red has ties to rage and anger. I must add that it’s also problematic since it’s often associated with flags of Communist countries, and has already been identified with American Indians: the Red man, long ago. James noted that purple is the color of the UK’s National Autistic Society. But other colors were already used for autism. So that’s insignificant. James also noted that purple is the most powerful wavelength of a rainbow. But since very few people know that, its significance is lost. He also noted that purple was associated with royalty.

However, this reminds me of the rich man in the Bible parable of the rich man and Lazarus, who was clothed in purple, and went to Hell. Luke 16:19-31. Also, purple was the first color associated with the gay community. Moreover, purple is very unpopular among men, and again, autism is primarily a male condition. So it’s out for me. James brought up the color taupe, a kind of dull brown, since it has an underdog nature, and its being toned down reflects a community who suffers from sensory processing issues. But other people outside the autistic community don’t care about that. He also noted that it’s quite close to his website’s color, so it gets his vote. But brown is extremely unpopular. So that’s out for me. James also mentioned that instead of one color, a rainbow could portray the autism spectrum in its full diversity.

But he noted its problem of being confused with the LGBTQ community. In fact, the rainbow is so intertwined with the LGBTQ community that people would automatically assume that we were an LGBTQ group. Due to the massive confusion it would cause, along with the moral objections of some, should eliminate it from consideration. James also brought up the fact of puzzle pieces being used to represent autism. But besides noting that puzzle pieces were an unpopular symbol, he also noted that the puzzle piece ribbon or hand, with their alternate red, yellow, and blue parts, are childlike. I agree. Almost all focus on autism awareness is on autistic children. It’s like when we become adults, nobody any longer gives a shit. That must change.

James also brought up gold, which he said is associated with enlightenment, optimism, and wisdom. Yes, it’s much rarer than other colors, as autistic people are rare among the masses. And of course real gold is very rare in real life, and very valuable. What he said that I never thought of is that the symbol for the element gold is Au, the first two letters of autism. So I see using gold as brilliant in more ways than one. Now do autistic people suffer bigotry? And to what extent? First off, it’s common knowledge that not only are most men with various mental conditions unable to be married, most cannot even get a date or ever have a long term relationship with a female their entire life. I don’t mean conditions like paranoid schizophrenia or adults with the brain of a five year old.

I’m referring to conditions that society should be able to accommodate and work around. And most of these same men are prevented from obtaining good jobs, due to our corrupt rat race system. While Blacks complain about making less money on average than Whites, mentally challenged White men make far less money on average than Black men. And most cannot even get a date, EVER. Never have sex, never have a family, and such. WHAT KIND OF SHIT IS THAT? What about murder? Consider that sometimes Blacks, gays, or trans people, like straight White people, sometimes have a mental condition that invites bigotry and hatred. So in many cases a person’s being Black or LGBTQ may have been overlooked and/or tolerated, without the added fact of also having a mental condition that invited stigmatization.

So undoubtedly, many so-called cases of racial or other hatred were actually hatred against autism and similar conditions. A specific case involving one who was both Black and autistic was Stephon Watts, shot dead by police at age 15. Kayden Clark, 24, from Mesa, Arizona, was murdered by police. That this person was trans would not be immediately obvious, but the mental condition would be. Here are cases of straight White people being victimized: Autistic man murdered after police broke his door down, letting killer walk in, family say. The victim was Christopher Laskaris. Joseph Nathaniel Weber, 36, an autistic man from Kansas, was murdered by police.

And Kelly Thomas, a 37 year old homeless man diagnosed with schizophrenia, was beaten to death by six members of the Fullerton, California police department. See: Death of Kelly Thomas on Wikipedia. I won’t mention any more cases of stigmatization by police and regular citizens because the research depresses the crap out of me. So, either change your priorities to that of helping educate the public about society’s real victims, work toward building a society where everyone is treated fairly, treat people like me as equals, OR………………………………… BURN IN HELL. ROT IN A DEVIL’S HELL.


New Jersey’s Franklin Lakes Library kicked out actress Jacqueline Laurita’s 8 year old autistic son for non-contextual vocals and tapping. The British Film Institute movie theater kicked out 25 year old London woman with Asperger’s, Tamsin Parker, on her birthday, for laughing too much. Someone shouted that she was retarded, and several audience members applauded as she left. Amanda Paeth, a young woman with autism from Connecticut, was left out of her yearbook by Mark T. Sheeham High School. A mother and her autistic son were kicked out of the Alladin Playhouse in Chicago, Illinois. Abby Bartel, who struggled with personality and emotional issues, committed suicide after being shut out of graduation from Milton Hershey Boarding School in Pennsylvania.

On The Truther Blog, numerous women complain that their autistic sons repeatedly got kicked out of schools, including a 17 year old who never had any friends. Brian Ferguson, a 20 year old autistic man, was taking special needs classes at Navaro College in Waxahachie, Texas. His mistakenly hugged a woman he though he knew and kissed the top of her head. The school labeled it a sexual assault and declared that he was permanently expelled. United Airlines kicked the Beegle family from Oregon off an airplane because of their autistic daughter Juliette, 15. Autistic girl Magi Klages was kicked out of a Wisconsin Girl Scout Troop even though it was for girls with special needs. Autistic boy Jerry Hanley was kicked out of a Kentucky Boy Scout troop because of “likely abnormal behaviors”.

Gail Martin and her daughters sat down to eat at the Buckhead Cafe’ in Jackson, South Carolina. After her autistic 4 year old began crying, police chief Dennis Rushton bellowed from clear across the restaurant that they had to leave. Joseph Weber, a speech impaired autistic man, was shot and killed by Hays, Kansas police after he panicked and fled from a traffic stop. He was unarmed and had no criminal record. Marksville, Louisiana policemen Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse, both Black, pulled over fugitive Christopher Few. They then riddled the car with bullets, wounding Mr. Few but killing his 6 year old autistic son Jeremy, whom they shot more than his father. They later claimed self-defense in that Few used his car to ram them, but this supposed event did not appear on their camcorders.

This concludes the personal accounts. Here’s what you should know about them: 1) All the aforementioned people who suffered persecution were White. 2) Each case merely represents hundreds of similar cases. 3) People contradict themselves by complaining about the unusual noises of those with mental impairment, while making or tolerating common noises which are louder. 4) Persecution doesn’t stop for older people, it just becomes different, such as making you feel unwelcome, making petty complaints about you while ignoring the faults and violations of others, preventing you from having a decent job, lacking friends, and women’s complete rejection of autistic or similarly handicapped men for any romantic or intimate connections.

Now here’s advice for regular people on how to deal with autistic or similarly handicapped people: 1) Know that autism and other such conditions are NOT mental illness. An illness is something that either can be cured with medicine, goes away by itself, or kills the person. It is a dishonest term invented by the psyche community to make money. We are born with these conditions which cannot go away. 2) Most of the aggression or threatening behavior of autistic people, especially adults, is no doubt caused by people regularly antagonizing us or treating us unfairly. When you think badly about someone beforehand, you create a self-fulfilled prophecy.

3) You must learn to treat others as you want to be treated. For an excellent example, see the YouTube video: Autistic Teen Interrupts Church Service, Watch Pastor’s Response. Wow! And for those with special needs, you may need learn how they might feel, as treating them just like yourself may be wrong for their personal situation. And if you refuse all the aforementioned advice, you’re welcome to GO TO HELL. Now my advice for those with autism or another condition that causes social problems:

1) Know that nothing will ever change unless we band together in groups and wage tireless public campaigns to be treated fairly. Though homosexual behaviors and lifestyles are against my religion, we can learn from gays, since they were about 1% of the population, and autistics now around 1%. Gay’s aggressive strategy always involved identifying themselves and/or public visibility. Their tactics also included threats of violence. This created radical change in society’s perception of them from subhuman monsters to today’s celebratory acceptance. 2) If an organized movement is unavailable at present, we should still identify who we are. It cannot hurt, and may produce sympathy and understanding.

3) After being stuck in unfulfilling, dirty, and dangerous jobs with minimal pay, along with conflicts with other employees, I applied for disability, got it no problem, and now have the free time to express my talent and viewpoints through my writing and making videos. You might try to get disability too. 4) With things as they are now, those who are regularly mistreated should withdraw from society, with the exception of protesting against society. Don’t believe the nonsense that isolating yourself for the most part is unhealthy. A lone lamb would not be better off among a wolf pack; a lone eagle would not be better off on a turkey farm.

Outside of going to Church on Sunday morning, I stay by myself, my favorite person. Most of my time is spent on the Internet. If I encounter friendly people through it, fine. If they are distasteful, I click a button and they go away. Finally, the world’s standard doesn’t count; God’s standard does. Quoting Philippians 3:8: “I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ.”


Disable-ism is bigotry against and mistreatment of disabled people. Some groups of disabled people get far worse treatment from society than other so-called marginalized groups. Now two young people, Cody and Veronica, worked together to produce videos. They claimed to be married. Veronica did most of the speaking, while Cody sometimes talked or was featured silently. Here were some popular comments on their former channel:

“Is ur boyfriend fantasizing about shooting up a school the whole time you guys filmed this?” 5 likes. “Your husband was given too many vaccines as a child.” 6 likes [yet there’s no link between vaccines and genetic disabilities]. “What’s Cody’s favorite part about killing small animals?” 6 likes. “Why does the guy stare at us like a creep?” 6 likes. “She definitely gets abused.” 6 likes. “Lol her boyfriend/husband in all her videos seem like a robot” 9 likes. “Your husband is a dirty cinder sucker and an awkward loser.” 11 likes. “An autist blatantly acting like an autist.” 12 likes. “WTF with this guy”. 14 likes. “Who’s the hairy werewolf cuck next to you? GD he weird looking.” 15 likes. “Your boy looks like a school shooter.” 19 likes.

“He has ass burgers.” 24 likes. “Seems like a codependent or abusive relationship. Whatever it is seems dysfunctional.” 25 likes. “100% Cody is awkward autist. I don’t understand how Evalion can’t see that, starting to think she’s also broken.” 30 likes. “Spergs can’t experience the nuances of human relationships. They usually only act out what they see others doing, or become enraged with violence when their twisted minds can’t process the information.” 33 likes. Not only are these comments false, they are libel: written defamation aimed at harming someone’s character. It can sometimes be grounds for a lawsuit. They continue:

“Your baby is going to have some serious ass burgers.” 41 likes. “That dude is clearly not all there, for F sake. 57 likes. “He looks dead inside.” 69 likes. “Wow does that guy look awkward. Looks like a serial killer or some shit. He also comes across as pretty simple.” 87 likes. Someone made posts about Cody titled “Autistic Moments 1-4”, which got a total of 113 likes. “Your friend looks like he suffers from severe retardation.” 124 likes. “That nigga gives me the school shooter vibe.” 130 likes. “She’s really cute, makes me sad that her boyfriend is a little off.” 137 likes. “Are you au- au- au- ………………autistic? ‘Yes I am.’ ” 688 likes. And fifty other nasty comments. Cody also made a video of his own, but removed it due to the incredible amount of insults and overwhelmingly negative responses. There would likely be ten times the bad comments and likes to them if their channel didn’t get terminated after less than a year, for no good reason.

I might get similar responses if I didn’t read off a paper in my videos, which helps me disguise my disability. And we are certainly born this way 100%. Some people, including me, get hate comments such as “please kill yourself” or “drink bleach”. But that’s due to our controversial viewpoints which we semi-anonymously express on the Internet, not who we are as people. Therefore we can take that with a grain of salt. Yet shunning and mistreatment based on who we are is unacceptable.

Now you who claim to be victims of bigotry and mistreatment, whether Atheist, Black, female, gay, Hispanic, Jewish, lesbian, neo-pagan, etc.: I ask a question: Does your status cause you to get even close to the amount of disrespect on the Internet that Cody got? For another example, many men, though highly intelligent, over 40, and having college degrees, are stuck making minimum wage, and can never get a date, let alone marriage equality. If the answer is NO, then take your claim of suffering unfairness and BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS. Furthermore, SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP. FOREVER.

Then we have bigotry and mistreatment based on physical irregularities. Quoting from Tolstoy’s Kreuter Sonata: “It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.” Consider Adam Pearson, who has great facial deformity from tumors, who starred in the sci fi movie Under the Skin. He is featured in numerous Internet videos, which I recommend that you see. Persecution against those with physical deformities starts in childhood. Other children bully, mock, and exclude them. Failure to secure any healthy human relationship or suitable job in adulthood often follows. Now a question to those who cry about unfairness towards Blacks, gays, Hispanics, Jews, women, etc.: Do you give an exorbitant amount of time to these so-called marginalized groups, while saying nothing about Disable-ism? If so, take your rhetoric and BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS. And SHAPE UP or ROT in HELL.

Even more psychotic is that others who respect handicapped people, and handicapped people themselves, both unfairly discriminate against others with *unfamiliar* handicaps. For example, I signed up for a Disabled Dating club. Beside handicaps like paralysis and cerebral palsy, this club welcomed a man with the mental condition known as Asperger’s syndrome, who was high functioning and had no other handicap. They even had a statement of affirmation that you were expected to agree with. It was this: *I affirm that I am not racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic, discriminatory against disabled or disfigured people, nor disrespectful to men or women.* Yet the administrator messaged me back with: “Sorry sir, but we don’t accept people with severe learning disabilities.” HOW BIZARRE. I never encountered anything more hypocritical or contradictory, outside of Candid Camera or The Twilight Zone. This bizarre marginalization is UNGODLY. So before it becomes commonplace, fight all such injustice that you encounter with everything you’ve got.